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October 2, 2017
TO: BC Hockey Officials
FROM: Sean Raphael
BC Hockey Officiating Coordinator - Referee in Chief
COPY: BC Hockey Officiating Program Delivery Group
SUBJECT: Online Game Incident Reporting System Update - MINOR
Hockey Canada re-launched the online game incident reporting (GIR) system on September 26, 2017. A tutorial video has been uploaded to the BC Hockey YouTube page and is available on the BC Hockey Officiating homepage. A written manual is currently being created to accompany the video and will be added to the officiating resources website in the near future.
Online Game Incident Report Procedure
1. Following any game requiring a game incident report, officials MUST do one (1) of the following:
a. Take a legible photo of the game sheet(s) with a smartphone / tablet
b. Obtain a legible third or fourth generation copy of the game sheet(s) as a reference when completing an online report. They are not required to submit the hard copy.
c. For the Okanagan Mainline (OMAHA) District only officials must obtain a copy of the electronic game sheet by inputting their email address on the game tablet prior to final verification of the game. This will automatically send the official a PDF copy of the game sheet to assist with inputting their report.
2. All reports MUST be submitted through the online game incident reporting system via the official’s Hockey Canada eHockey account no later than 8:00am (PT) on the morning following the game. Officials can access their profile here:
3. Once the incident report has been submitted online a notice will appear on screen and the procedure will be considered complete.
Please find a link to the online Game Incident Report video tutorial below. Should you have any questions please contact BC Hockey at or 250-652-2978.
Tutorial Video




OMAHA Regulation 3000 b. requires that the last 10 minutes of all OMAHA Leagues must be played stop time.

Therefore, if you have a game that is not going to be finished in time (ie 1st period took 1/2 of allotted time, then it is the responsibility of the on-ice officials to adjust the playing time (ie Run the 2nd period & maybe 1st half of 3rd) to ensure that the last 10 mins of the game is STOP time.

If a game is played with running time in the last 10 mins of the 3rd, then the game can be protested and the teams will have to re-play that game and a lot of Administration and Travel Time/Costs are added.







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