Referee - Pay Rates

NOVICE -1 MAN 20.00 N/A
ATOM REC -3 MAN 24.00 18.00
ATOM DEV -3 MAN 28.00 21.00
PEEWEE REC - 3 MAN 28.00 21.00
PEEWEE TIER 2 & 3 - 3 MAN 34.00 26.00
BANTAM REC - 3 MAN 33.00 26.00
BANTAN TIER 2 & 3 - 3 MAN 40.00 32.00
MIDGET REC - 3 MAN 37.00 29.00
MIDGET TIER 3 - 3 MAN 48.00 36.00
MIDGET TIER 2 - 4 MAN 43.00 36.00
JUVENILE - 3 MAN 45.00 35.00


1.  Early morning games  8 am and earlier will receive a $5.00 bonus.

2.  You must give 24 hours notice on game cancellation.  If possible, please find a replacement and advise appropriate assigner.

3.  Games missed or cancelled will result in loss of game fee.

4.  Games assigned to officials, but no teams show up, the officials will receive their pay if they have not been given 24 hours notice of the cancellation.

5.  If there are any changes to assignments, per the list posted in ref room, please be sure you tell the appropriate assigner so pay can be adjusted accordingly.

6.  Officials who officiate at least 10 games and attend at least 2 on-ice/classroom clinics, will receive 50% reimbursement of their clinic fees on their final pay of the season.

7. Effective the 2015-2016, officials will be receiving payment via EFT (electronic Funds Transfer). Cheques will not be issued. Thus, please ensure the WKMHA office has your account information for depositing. Here is the link to the EFT form to be completed  (EFT form)


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