Hello everyone,


If you run into a situation where you think you will need to complete a write-up, for reference, please ensure that you are emailing yourself a copy of the score sheet.

You can do this before you sign off on the tablets at the rink. If you are using paper score sheets (not much anymore) you can take the sheet and take a picture for yourself.


Write-ups MUST be completed in a timely fashion.

Usually by 8am the next day. If you run into this during a tournament, it is best to try and complete the write-up right away.


Normally you would enter the write up on you HCR page, but that process is not set up yet.


Until you hear otherwise, please us the link below..


Once you get this page, click on the ‘GAME INCIDENT REPORTING FORM’


In order for OMAHA (Sherry) to do her job properly, it is essential we complete the write-ups ASAP after the incident.


  • See link to YouTube video explaining how to complete a Game Incident Report.


If you are unsure of how to complete a write-up, please let me know!



Thank you!

Ryan Thiessen

Referee-in-Chief West Kelowna MHA