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Manager Information

WKMHA U11 Dev and Rep Manager and Coach Package - TBA

WKMHA Recreation Manager and Coach Package - TBA

WKMHA Affilate Player Guideline

 Protocol for Games without Officials

2023/2024 Minimum Suspension Guidelines- Minor/Female

HiSports Info

EGamesheets- The BC hockey webpages have all instructions, videos and FAQS


EGamesheet Instructions - Score Keeping

EGamesheet Instructions - Team Rosters

Coach/Manager/On Ice Helpers Certifications

Coach/Team Support Role Certifications Guideline

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Mandatory Waivers

** All Coaches, Assistants, Bench Managers, Safety People and On Ice Helpers are responsible to ensure they have the correct qualifications **

** The cost of all required courses will be reimbursed by WKMHA upon submission of receipts  **

** Reimbursement for Coaching Certification will not be issued until you have been accepted as a Coach by the Association  **

Coach Applications

Online Coaching Application :
All Applications will be filed and then submitted to the Head of Development and Coaching for WKMHA. 
Please email for any questions you may have.